Don Quichotte - English Menu


Bowl of Olives € 3,50
Basket of French Bread and Garlic Butter € 3,00
Serving of our Luxury Nut Mix € 3,00
SnaQ of the Week
choice of traditional or more daring snack platter.
Ask your attendant for expert advice
regular: € 5,00
large: € 7,50

Cold starters

Don Quichotte Salad
frequently changing salad
please refer to our specials
Brie, Gorgonzola and Old Cheese Salad
served with fresh lettuce and a mix of nuts
€ 8,50
Goat Cheese au Gratin Salad
served with honey and basil dressing, with or without bacon
€ 10,00
main course: € 15,50
Smoked Salmon and Trout Duet
served with crème fraîche and rose pepper sauce
€ 9,50
Caesar-style Salad with grilled Chicken
and crunchy croutons
€ 8,50
main course: € 13,50
Luke-warm luxury Ham Salad
served with nuts and honey-mustard sauce
€ 9,00
Salad for Carnivores
sink your teeth in a variety of at least three kinds of meat
€ 11,00
Don Quichotteries
lavish dish composed of a variety of starters (minimum two servings)
€ 12,50 p.p.


French Onion Soup
served with a cheese crouton
€ 5,50
half: € 3,50
Italian Tomato Soup
served with basil cream
€ 5,50
half: € 3,50
Soup of the Day please refer to our specials

Warm Starters

Mushrooms au Gratin
served in our acclaimed if not famous cheese sauce and cashews
€ 8,00
'Sancho' Mushrooms au Gratin
served with cheese, Chorizo sausage and tomato
€ 8,50
Fried Mussels
served with homemade Remoulade sauce
€ 8,00
Scampi in Bacon and Garlic Butter
the most senior item on our menu!
€ 11,00
half a dozen served with traditional equipment
€ 9,00
Ajam Smoor la Norma
Indonesian chicken cutlets (de-boned) with ketjap, sambal, garlic, fried onions and prawn crackers
€ 9,50

Main Course Fish Dishes

Baby Soles
seared with white wine
daily price
Fresh Salmon and Sole Rolls
softly seared, served with creamy dill and wine sauce
€ 18,00
Scampi in Bacon and Garlic Butter
the most senior item on our menu!
€ 20,50
Fresh from the Farmer's Market
frequently changing oven-baked or casseroled dish
please refer to our specials

Main Course Casseroled Meat Dishes

Veal Liver
served with fried onions, bacon and apple, for true fans
€ 19,00
Fillet of Lamb
lamb tenderloin served with rosemary and Port-wine sauce
€ 21,50
Ajam Smoor la Norma
Indonesian chicken cutlets (de-boned) with ketjap, sambal, garlic, fried onions and prawn crackers
€ 17,50
Boeuf au Bleu
beef tenderloin served in a mild sauce of bleu cheese and cashews
we dare you to join our fanclub!
€ 19,00
Tournedos aux Poivres - a.k.a. 'Hedgehog'
beef tenderloin served in a spicy pepper coat, and with a stout pepper and cognac sauce, very peppery indeed..
€ 23,50

Main Course Grilled Meat Dishes

Angus Steaks Lady (150 gr): € 14,50
Sir (250 gr): € 18,00
Yes Sir! (400 gr): € 27,50
the most tender of tenderloins
€ 23,50
Pork Tenderloin
scrumptious and delicious rosé, simply mouth-watering
€ 17,00
Cervantes Grill Trio
with Angus steak, chicken and pork tenderloin
€ 18,50
Our grilled meat dishes are served with garlic butter or your choice of sauce: Pepper-Cognac
Mushroom Cream
Bleu Cheese
Rosemary and Port-wine
Garlic (served cold)

Main Course Vegetarian Dishes

Homemade Savoury Vegetable Quiche
warm from the oven and served with mashed potato and salad
€ 16,00
Home-rolled Vegetarian Spring Rolls
served with... chef's choice!
€ 17,00

All our main courses are served with a side of fries, mayonnaise and salad. Don Quichotte endeavours to waste a minimum of products, hence our side dishes are kept relatively small. Please let us know if you wish to order an extra side of cooked vegetable


Children's menu
Chicken fillet, frankfurter or frikandel served with fries and applesauce, followed by an adult-sized ice cream desert
€ 11,50
DQ Daily Menu
Happy early-bird dish! Served from Monday to Friday between 17.00 and 18.00
DQ Dailies are posted weekly on our Facebook page
€ 12,95


Chef's Delight Please refer to our specials
Brie, Gorgonzola and old Cheese
trio accompanied by a sip of Port-wine
€ 12,50
Greek Yoghurt
served with regional Veluwe honey, walnuts and raisins
€ 6,50
Homemade Tiramisu
lauded and applauded!
€ 8,00
Dame Blanche
a classic served with hot chocolate sauce
€ 7,50
fresh fruit served with varying sorbet ice cream
€ 8,50
Hazelnut Ice cream
served with caramel sauce and caramelized nuts
€ 7,50
Palm Beach
vanilla ice cream with grated coconut and coconut syrup
€ 7,50
Coupe Colonel
lemon ice cream with a serious dose of Vodka and zest
€ 9,00
Don Quichotte Brownies, chocolate paradise!
served with stracciatella ice cream and vanilla sauce
€ 8,50
takeaway: € 5,00
Grand Desert
a delicious palette of deserts (minimum 2 servings)
€ 9,00 p.p.
Postage stamp-sized Brownie
to accompany your tea/coffee
€ 1,25 p.p.

Please be informed that Don Quichotte has created a list of Allergens to enable our guests to see which allergens may have been used in our dishes.

Specialty Coffees

Specialty Coffees € 6,50
Coffee, Cappuccino or Tea
served with Chocolates
Irish Coffee
served with Irish whiskey
served with Grand Marnier
Kiss of Fire
served with Tia Maria and Cointreau
Velvet Kiss
served with Baileys and Grand Marnier
served with Baileys
served with Mandarine and Courvoisier
served with Amaretto
served with Kahlua
served with Sayah cake liqueur
Sancho Panza
served with three secret Liqueurs
Sancho Panza Panza
served with three secret Liqueurs and Cognac
€ 7,00
Monastery Coffee
served with a side of green Chartreuse (55 % alc.), fierce!
€ 7,00
Pikeur Liqueur
Be adventurous! Try something new! Ask your attendant for expert advice
€ 2,00

All our deserts and specialty coffees are served with whipped cream.